Notice to all of our valuable clients - please read THIS LETTER advising of our price increase in February, 2019.



Let your dog experience the difference at Pets Unleashed! Traditional boarding kennels provide the bare necessities, we provide an exceptional social experience for your canine companion!

We are a small scale, family owned and operated, boarding kennel and provide daily human interaction and attention. Our facility is designed as a homey environment in a natural, country setting! All of our runs are indoor and outdoor, allowing your pet the choice of where to spend his time. All of our guests enjoy time in our large grassy exercise runs, either in individual or group settings as per your preference. A tired dog is a happy dog, and all dogs are given the opportunity to exercise and socialize several times per day. Our boarding dogs go home happy and content! We understand that pet care does not take the form of a one-size-fits-all approach. We do not charge extra for medications, and welcome pets with specific care needs, special diet requirements, etc. You and your dog are welcome to come for a tour, we welcome your visits and any questions that you may have.

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