Notice to all of our valuable clients - please read THIS LETTER advising of our price increase in February, 2019.


Dear Client,


It's been a pleasure to work with you and your pets in the last years. Thanks so much for the opportunity of letting us care for your pets. As you know, we have made every effort to avoid price increases, even though our price has remained the same for 8 years. Due to the rising costs of doing business, we will be raising our prices as follows:


$25 per night for the first dog

$15 per night for each additional dog

$15 per night for the first cat

$10 per night for each additional cat

$5 discount per night for clients with both a dog and a cat.


We do not charge extra for special meals or medications.


Our new rates will take effect on Feb 1, 2019. However, all bookings received before Feb 1, 2019 will still be given our old rate. We value you as a client and want to continue serving you. If you have questions or concerns about this increase, please give us a call. Thanks for letting us serve you and your pet(s),


Sincerely, Gerard Klok

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