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What to take along for your Pet's stay:

-your pet's up-to-date health record/vaccination certificate. (This information needs to be updated once per year)
-​Your pet's normal food (package a few extra days in case you are delayed) 
-A written or typed list of your dog's ailments, medications, food intake and other special requirements.
-Bedding - dog bed, blankets, or other familiar bedding for your pet.
-Any treats, toys, bones, chew toys that will make your pet feel more at home.

How to reduce the stress level for your Pet:

-Allow plenty of time to deliver your pet to the kennel so you are not in a last minute panic and pushed for time. Your stress will be communicated to your dog and it is better if they leave you when you are relaxed and happy.
-W​hen you leave, try to be jolly and matter of fact rather than consoling. Negative energy can be sensed by your pet, elevating their stress level.

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